Double Trouble Book 1: What a Pair!

Double Trouble — It's Just the Beginning!

Twins Mattie and Mark Miller are as different as night and day. Mattie is ticklish; Mark isn’t. Mattie loves dogs; Mark loves cats. Mattie is serious; Mark is a practical joker. (And that isn’t even the half of it!) It seems there isn’t anything that these energetic nine-year-olds can agree on. When their disagreements start to cause big trouble in their Holmes County, Ohio, Amish community, will Mattie and Mark call a truce and acknowledge that their differences are what make them so special?

  • Book 1 in a Brand-New Series for Kids
  • Invaluable Lessons for Kids in One Entertaining Package 
  • Fun, Relatable, and Engaging Characters

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ISBN 978-1-61626-661-5
5.125" x 7.5625" /  160 pages
Paperback / eBook Editions
June 2012
Juvenile Fiction / Religious / Christian / General


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